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Conflict Diplomacy

November 30 2018

21st-century warfare has made conflicts more dangerous and devastating with technological advances concentrated mainly in the military field, resulting in the development of more sophisticated and deadly weapons that have the potential to lead to ... Read More...

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The war on Terror can be won if …

November 27 2018

Many lessons can be drawn by the recent victory of Lebanese resistance forces. Which was represented by Hezbollah party and supported by Syrian and Lebanese armies where Jabhat Al Nusra Front which is affiliated to Al Qaeda was defeated in Jrod Arsal (T Read More...

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IS in West Asia: regional and global implications

September 14 2014

The capture of the Iraqi city of Mosul and surrounding areas in June 2014 drew the world’s attention of the sudden rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria/the Levant (variously called the ISIS, ISIS or IS). Since then, this monster was allowed to  Read More...

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Expert: Extremism threatens everybody, Iran stabilizing factor

July 24 2014

New Delhi, July 24, IRNA -- An expert of the international affairs in New Delhi believes extremism and radicalism threaten every country in Middle East, while Iran is a stabilizing factor in the region. Read More...

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A bloody reckoning for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

August 26 2013

Deplorable though the violence is, much of it stems from the organisation\'s extremism. Read More...

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