A bloody reckoning for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

August 26 2013

Deplorable though the violence is, much of it stems from the organisation\'s extremism. Read More...

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Egypt’s Real Revolution has begun

July 05 2013

The rapidly developing situation in Egypt and the ouster of President Mohammad Morsi has puzzled many and belied expectations of those who ..... Read More...

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Waiel Awwad: A clash of global interests is playing out in Syria

October 16 2012

Tumult in Syria has been protracted and violent, apparently traversing a different trajectory from counterparts in Egypt and Tunisia. India-based Syrian journalist Waiel Awwad spoke with Sameer Arshad about why Syria\'s struggle has become so agg Read More...

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The American Arab S.P.R.I.N.G

January 04 2012

Decoding the American Arab SPRING was published by Purple Beret Magazine Dec issue 2011 http://www.purpleberet.com/details/column_detail.aspx?id=254 Read More...

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The serial invaders...

December 28 2011

The US declared its new war doctrine under the Noble Peace prizewinner, President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama by cutting down ground combat troops while controlling the sky remotely raining death from above. Read More...

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This Is No Democracy

October 31 2011

When I turned the TV to watch the slaughtering of Muammar Gaddafi by his own people, my 8 - year old son angrily looked at me and said in Read More...

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Checkmate Syria?

August 08 2011

The events in Syria have taken a drastic turn with the commencement of the holy month of Ramadan, when the troubles erupted in besieged Hama, the fourth largest Read More...

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Keep off Arab Land !

August 05 2011

This letter was written recently by a close friend of mine after the revolt in Syria, he belongs to the third generation of Syrian expats living Read More...

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Media fables on the Syrian revolution

July 07 2011

This is one occasion when the international media has proved clueless and susceptible to rumour. Poor reporting has hurt the truth Read More...

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Syria: Slow and Steady

May 20 2011

The US administration\\\'s sanctions against President Bashar Assad of Syria has served as the last nail in the coffin of the dead Read More...

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