Expert: Extremism threatens everybody, Iran stabilizing factor

July 24 2014

New Delhi, July 24, IRNA -- An expert of the international affairs in New Delhi believes extremism and radicalism threaten every country in Middle East, while Iran is a stabilizing factor in the region. Read More...

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Palestine not for sale

August 04 2013

When I interviewed Late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat in 1997 it was at a very odd time 1:30 am ,at Rashpati Bhawan , during his visit to India. Read More...

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The worst is yet to come

November 25 2012

Till 25 minutes after 9.00 pm, the deadline for the ceasefire between the Israeli army and Palestinian fighters, both sides kept on firing so that they don’t become the first one to abide by the decision. A sign of how fragile the  Read More...

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Don`t forget Palestine: “Et tu, Brute?”

September 25 2011

The Arab world watched President Barack Obama\\\'s speech at the UN General Assembly. It left many disappointed, specially those who Read More...

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