Syria: sailing amidst the storm

August 29 2012

While innocent Syrian people bloods is still spelling on the Syrian soil ,irrespective whether of civilians ,security personnel or army officers , I am Read More...

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Syria and the Beasts

August 29 2012

Ever since the crisis in Syria erupted in southern city of Deraa, almost a year ago, many western capitals signed off president Bashar Alassad and talked of regime change Read More...

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Syria: living dangerously

August 29 2012

When I planned to visit my home town Salamiyeh in Hama`s province ,after a gap of one and a half year ,my mother called me frantically appealing to me not to Read More...

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The global war with Syria

August 29 2012

The common perception among Syrian population now is calling upon the army to strike , do a surgical operation to eliminate those terrorists organization and Read More...

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Endgame in Damascus

August 29 2012

When Damascus accepted Kofi Annan’s mission to Syria, it was on the basis of assurances from the UN special envoy that he would help end violence from allsides. Read More...

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The American Arab S.P.R.I.N.G

January 04 2012

Decoding the American Arab SPRING was published by Purple Beret Magazine Dec issue 2011 Read More...

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Media fables on the Syrian revolution

December 31 2011

On Syria _article published by Tehelka magazine

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The serial invaders...

December 28 2011

The US declared its new war doctrine under the Noble Peace prizewinner, President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama by cutting down ground combat troops while controlling the sky remotely raining death from above. Read More...

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Middle East: Racing Against Time

December 18 2011

In his speech at USI in New Delhi the newly appointed Secretary General of the Arab League, former Egyptian foreign minister, Nabil Alarabi said, \\\"Israel is the only country in the world to buy time. Read More...


This Is No Democracy

October 31 2011

When I turned the TV to watch the slaughtering of Muammar Gaddafi by his own people, my 8 - year old son angrily looked at me and said in Read More...

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