They all fall down

October 21 2011

When United States secretary of State Hillary Clinton made her short visit to Libya earlier this week, she bluntly said that the US wanted Muammar Gaddafi “captured dead or alive.” The rebels in Gaddafi’s hometown Read More...


Don`t forget Palestine: “Et tu, Brute?”

September 25 2011

The Arab world watched President Barack Obama\\\'s speech at the UN General Assembly. It left many disappointed, specially those who Read More...

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Checkmate Syria?

August 08 2011

The events in Syria have taken a drastic turn with the commencement of the holy month of Ramadan, when the troubles erupted in besieged Hama, the fourth largest Read More...

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Keep off Arab Land !

August 05 2011

This letter was written recently by a close friend of mine after the revolt in Syria, he belongs to the third generation of Syrian expats living Read More...

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This Land is My Land

July 20 2011

\"I know that what Syria and our President is facing now is minuscule comparing with the attacks from powerful enemies he has received and has remarkably defeated so well in the sake of Syria and Syrians. But what is sad for me now is that this time i Read More...


Media fables on the Syrian revolution

July 07 2011

This is one occasion when the international media has proved clueless and susceptible to rumour. Poor reporting has hurt the truth Read More...

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Syria: A gullible West and the demonisation of Assad news

July 06 2011

For months, while the international media has uncritically published lurid stories of Syrian police and auxiliary forces gunning down protesters demanding democratic reform, Syrians have been trying to Read More...


Yemen at the crossroads

June 30 2011

Finally France has admitted to arming the Libyan rebels and surely Britain and other NATO members will follow suit because it is a lost cause and they cannot deny it any more. Thanks to Qatar, Read More...


Syria: A New Vision

June 22 2011

Within 24 hours of delivering his speech, President Bashar al Assad announced a series of measures and laid down a new road map for Syria to come out of the current crisis and surge ahead in a reconciliation process. Read More...


Syria: Slow and Steady

May 20 2011

The US administration\\\'s sanctions against President Bashar Assad of Syria has served as the last nail in the coffin of the dead Read More...

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