Bin Laden and the United State of Islam

May 11 2011

The day President (Barack) Obama announced the killing of Osama Bin Laden, I tuned in to Al Jazeera live in Arabic and it was enough to know the amount of support and sympathy that this man enjoyed among Al Jazeera viewers. Read More...


LEBANON in the game`s influence

May 10 2011

The situation in Lebanon has reached a crisis with rising fear that a sectarian war may erupt because of the speculation that the International Tribunal will release names of those suspected Read More...


Syria in the Eye of a Storm

April 25 2011

During Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad\'s visit to India in 2008, while at the NIIT (National Institute of Information Technology) campus in Bangalore listening to the director of the institute and his senior management staff explaining the importanc Read More...


Wiki Leaks : The Emperor is Naked

December 06 2010

When the Lebanese editor of Alakhabr Newspaper was asked why Julian Assange chose his paper to publish the documents, his answer was simple. No other paper in the region would dare to do so. Read More...


What is Obama holding up his sleeve?

November 04 2010

The visit of United States President Barack Obama [ Images ] to India [ Images ] will be full of good wishes from the US to the Indian people and with his personal touch he will try to woo the popular imagination in favour of US policy toward South A Read More...


Saudi king\'s visit will herald a new era

January 24 2006

India shares a long history with Arab countries. It is a history that is deeply rooted and stretches back to ancient times. Read More...