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Many lessons can be drawn by the recent victory of Lebanese resistance forces. Which was represented by Hezbollah party and supported by Syrian and Lebanese armies where Jabhat Al Nusra Front which is affiliated to Al Qaeda was defeated in Jrod Arsal (Tora Bora of Lebanon). More than 150 square Km was liberated from the terrorist organization after five years of occupying this strategic area, on the border between the two countries. Now the war on the remaining areas under the control of its sister group, known as the Islamic State or Daesh.

Military experts and strategic analysts have been studying the victory within a short span of time. So fast and swift that left them baffled as the area was filled with the harsh terrains and nature and human made caves, which made it impossible to eliminate hiding places, for terrorists who kept on attacking Syria and Lebanon soft targets and kills civilians.

This is a turning point in the fight against terrorism and many lessons can be drawn from such a defeat to terror.

It was meticulously planned and executed with minimum loss of life. According to Israeli newspaper, Abu Malik Al Talli, the leader of the Al Qaeda in the area contacted the Israeli government, seeked Prime Minister Netanyahu help in defeating Hezbollah and Syrian army, “the enemy of Israel”, but the French ambassador to Lebanon conveyed a warning from Hezbollah to Israel for retaliation in case there was continued support to the terrorist organization or it come to its rescue.

The terror groups fighting in Syria and supported from Jordan and Israel, were told that no more support will be extended and hence elimination became easy after being used to the maximum, to kill and destabilize Syria.

Lessons learned from fighting terrorism

The media did not focus much on the success of the war on terror and the elimination of Al Qaeda group from this particular area without the support of US and the West!

Are you surprised? Think it over. How can you win a war on terror without their support? I am not surprised.

Israel continues to have sleepless nights about the increasing skills of the Hezbollah fighters in the war against terrorists in Syria and Lebanon. The battle in Syria and Lebanon, raised the morale among Hezbollah fighters and any misadventure of Israel army to attack Lebanon again which would lead to an all open war in Syria and Lebanon with Iran’s involvement.

The pretext for Israel to support Al Qaeda at the border with Syria is to keep Iran and Hezbollah fighters away from its oil rich border with Syria. Especially after the discovery a good reserve of oil in the Syrian occupied Golan and neighboring areas extended into Syrian territory. There is no other explanation for Israel support to Al Qaeda! In fact, even the Israeli official has been saying it, out in the open, including Netanyahu who was smiling to cameras while visiting terrorists treated at makeshift hospital created by IDF in occupied Golan.

The Lebanese victory coincided with the Al Aqsa mosque rift with Palestinians who fought the Israeli occupation forces and resisted the new measures and Israel intervention in their holy places. This also exposed the “Moderate Sunni Arab Countries” trying to normalize relation with Israel at the time of its continuing occupation and annihilation of Palestinian territory. Netanyahu days may be counted for mishandling of this issue and a charge sheet will be tabled soon of corruption charges against him. All these developments led to sudden rise of popularity of resistance forces and expanding influence and gaining sympathizers.

Targeting Iran and Hezbollah

The quick victories by Syrian army, with the help of Russia and Iran and Hezbollah, led to liberation of more territory from terror groups so much for the disliking of Israel who is putting more pressures now on USA, using the Jewish lobby AIPAC and others, to act against Hezbollah and Iran ever since President Trump came to power. Trump administration, on the other hand, now will activate and internationalize the UNSC resolution 1701 to expand the UNIFIL role in the border Lebanon with Israel. Washington wanted to dilute the winning battle of Hezbollah against Al Qaeda terrorist group, by taking part in the elimination of Islamic state from the Lebanese border that the Lebanese army already taking the initiative. US does not want Hezbollah to take any role in this war. In fact, keeping this hotspot active will keep a check on the party positions in Bekaa Valley and neighboring areas thus leading to an attraction of the international community to amend the UNSC resolution 1701 under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

Israel is also pushing for US meddling in UNIDOF with Syria and Israel. Tel Aviv is hoping to create a “buffer zone “next to occupied Syrian Golan”.

It was Prime Minister Netanyahu who pushed President Trump for more action against Syrian government for a regime change. President Trump ended CIA support to moderate terrorist groups in Syria but kept the ante against the Lebanese party.

Kuwait, on the other hand, opened the investigation of allegedly Hezbollah cell in Kuwait, strengthen the American hand in tarnishing the image of the party as an international terrorist organization for the liking of Israel who is preparing for a war against the party. But, the cost will be catastrophic if all out war broke this time. Hezbollah threatened Israel that the war will be fought inside Israel and not only on Lebanese territory. A threat the common Israeli citizen take very seriously.

The inter fighting among Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia and allies, against Qatar has exposed the nexus between the terrorist groups fighting in Syria and their funding to them with the acknowledgement of UAS and the West.

Final Thoughts/ Conclusion

Many lessons are learned from the winning war on terror in this battle. A Comprehensive Fight against Terrorism can be achieved only if states sponsoring terrorism stop funding, arming and training them. Stop using terrorism as a tool to achieve political gains and take revenge from those truly fighting the terror menace.


Added By : Dr. Waiel Awwad

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