Don`t forget Palestine: “Et tu, Brute?”

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 Waiel Awwad
The Arab world watched President Barack Obama\\\'s speech at the UN General Assembly. It left many disappointed, specially those who believed that the faithful Israeli soldier will ever support  an independent Palestine state that coexists side by side with Israel. While he supported the Arab revolutions and spirations for democracy as they are rewriting history. 
BUT when it comes to Palestinian aspirations he stopped short of supporting  their ambitions to have what is left of stolen Palestine as their state even though he chose Egypt for his first speech to the Arab and Islamic world where he spoke in support of a two - state solution. Many Arab moderate leaders saw him as the new Avatar that will pressurize Tel Aviv  to accept the solution. All we could say after his speech at the UNGA is : Oh Obama :”Even you Brutus?“  .
Even French President Nicholas Sarkozy\\\'s proposal was rejected by Israel. Does this obstinate Israeli stand, supported blindly by the United States and the West , of denying the Palestinians their rights, legitimize occupation and confiscation of Palestinian lands  ?

The Palestinians are not allowed to dig for water in their wells to drink, and are even denied peace in their graveyard. To speak of an independent state when Israel is trying with full speed to build more settlements in the occupied territories, block villages, divide families with an \\\'apartheid\\\' wall and preempt any attempts to dream of a Palestine state with borders.
Maybe Obama and the West  have missed the writing on the wall, that Palestine will remain the core issue for any peace in the Middle East, and the future of Arab –Israel conflict is central to a comprehensive solution and  fulfilment of the Palestinian people\\\'s aspiration  to have their own state on their  legitimate homeland : Palestine.

The external factor of the revolutions in the Arab world is because of the injustice done to the Palestinians and the puppet Arab regimes that supported US policy in the region  which led to more resentment against the pro American camps where the first sparks were ignited.
Hence, hijacking the Arab spring will not serve the interests of a stable Middle east and North Africa, nor it will serve the American interest or the West\\\'s, as long as their policy toward the region is Israeli - centric.

In fact the “ Messiah Iraqi Bremer” of Arab Spring and  “Neo Islamists sympathizers, Jeffry Filtman, US\\\' special envoy, the Laurence of Arabia of the region, spent more time trying to get an answer to his only question with the streets motivators`: What will be your future relation with Israel if we help you take over? He did not even blink when it is a talk of democracy and freedom. Because new Arab regimes will take time to take shape and by then the whole of Palestine will be annihilated by Israel.

On the 29th of November 1947 the UN Security Council declared  UNSC Resolution 181 in which Palestine was divided, giving birth to Israel as a provisional state for the Jewish population, and one for the Arabs giving a special  international status to Jerusalem. It was only the minority of the migrated Jewish people who established their state and got 55% of Palestine territory, while the rest of Palestine was occupied by Israel in its successive wars 
What the Palestinians and the Arabs are demanding now is an independent Palestine within borders prior to the 1967 war, which  mean less than 12% of what remains of their homeland .
What president Mahmoud Abbas achieved, although he never fired a bullet in the struggle for Palestine, is that he fired a salvo at the United Nations. With this he has succeeded in bringing all Palestinians together to stand firm for the demand of a homeland for themselves side by side with all peace loving nations that cannot ignore or deny the right of Palestinians who are suffering longer even of the establishment date of the UN that was responsible for dividing Palestine.  After more than 18 years of a peace process, which was meant ultimately to achieve an independent Palestine, it had reached a dead-end even if we believe there was ever a will  among the Israeli leadership for peace that will ultimately  lead to an independent Palestinian state 
Obama\\\'s move also exposed the true face of the American administration and the West in regard to this issue. In fact, the panic among the Israeli right wing led their government to launch the ferocious campaign to prevent the Palestinians from taking their case to the UN belied all those who tried to sell their part of the story to world that Israel  wants peace in the region . What this has also exposed is the true face of the US and the West; that they are only concerned with Israel\\\'s security and not for justice. 
Palestine is a political, human and religious issue and no one can deny them their legitimate rights. End of occupation, removal of settlements on occupied Palestinian lands, the right of return of Palestinian refugees and accepting a Palestinian state are the keys to establish a Palestinian state that will lead to a more stable and secure Middle East .This is not only the aspiration of the Palestinian people but of the whole Arab world and peace - loving nations. Palliative treatment and denying a solution only prolongs life though the ailment cannot be cured.
 Don`t forget Palestine if you are standing with Arab aspirations and are interested in correcting a grave historical mistake and not repeating the same again and again and again …...

Dr.WAIEL Awwad is a senior journalist from Syria and an analyst of the Arab world. He writes this column exclusively for

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