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When the Islamic revolution in Iran succeeded, the US, the West and their Arab allies wasted no time in creating a more hard core Islamism next door. Taliban was created to counter the influence of the Iranian revolution and nurture radicalism in a more peaceful and stable region. After the USSR withdrew from Afghanistan, the US occupied it. After subjecting the Afghan population to misery, genocide and using the Afghan land as testing ground for new and lethal weapons for more than a decade, the US finalized an exit strategy of its combat forces from Afghanistan while retaining a permanent military base. The Afghan project promoted a Salafi culture in the region and when US invaded Afghanistan the Arab Mujahedeen were sent back to their countries where many were jailed by their governments after the CIA covertly sent them for interrogation under the banner "anti terrorism".


US and the West never felt shy from sheltering radical Islamists despite the objection of their native countries. In fact US was shying away from openly admitting ties with the Islamic forces but it was later convinced by some of the Saudi clans that hard core Islamism is ideal to change regimes in the Arab world and there was a paradigm shift from the moderate Islamists to racialists form. The fall out on Europe will be felt later since the aim was to ensure that the nationalists and right wing political parties gain office in European capitals with radical Arab forces at the helm of power in most of the North African states. This will lead to more radical measures of expelling Muslims from Europe and accepting the influx of Christian minorities expected to pour in after setting up of civil wars in any Arab capitals with Christian minorities. The Euro crisis and bankruptcy of EU states is making the situation worse for Europe and will lead to more wars in the neighboring continent to divert attention and gain some lost ground from Russia, India, China and Africa and return to the cold war era .


Former NATO director general Wesley Clark said in 2007 about the neocon plan, that NATO is planning to occupy 7 countries in five years including Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Iran. Even Wiki leaks revealed the US plan to a military coup in Tunisia and Egypt to gain logistic support to invade Libya. Now Al Qaeda in North Africa is gaining ground to take on Algeria as a part of the new axis: Salafi-America-Zionism. The drawing of New Middle East and North Africa is meant to divide the region into small countries on ethnic and religious basis and Turkey is not immune to that. The Islamic parties gaining power in most of the Arab states went for election from Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. Many have accused Qatar and Saudi Arabia of pumping millions of dollars to let the Islamist parties gain control. The departure of US from Iraq will lead to a vacuum that a growing regional power Iran will fill and this will lead to strengthening the resistance forces against Israeli occupation. These three countries will be a threat to the US Israeli strategic partnership. Hence that is why there is pressure on Syria by the Arab League and the West to topple the regime before the end of the year. By doing so the West and US believes Iran will lose a strong ally in the region and will be more isolated. It will lead to a defeat of the Lebanese national resistance forces represented by Hezbollah and Hamas who will lose a strong supporter, while Russia feels that by the fall of Syria it will widen its Islamic influence in the region and will be a part of the containment plan by the US and the West.


So far all plans to topple Syria by the West have failed. In fact the more the isolation of the armed groups by the Syrian army, the more the outcry in the West and calling for intervention on a pretext to protect civilians due to a break out of civil war in Syria. This will not happen as the Syrians are aware of the plan and will never fall prey to it. Russia made it very clear to the US and the West that any attack on Syria is an attack on Russia and moved its war ships close to the Syrian shore. The US sent its war ships to the Mediterranean Sea. The great power game will be played in the open now in the Arab and Islamic world at all levels: politically, economically and strategically fuelled by political Islam. It is unlikely to find an end very soon but the new military doctrine for the West "the best war you win is the one where you don`t lose a soldier" to a new slogan that adds "and there are those rich Arab countries who are willing to pay for each bullet that will be fired by NATO as it happened in Libya and is planned to be repeated in Syria. The US – Israel war on Iran is postponed for some time but the threat of an all out war may lead to a new world order before it becomes more disastrous.

By Dr.Waiel Awwad

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