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 The US declared its new war doctrine under the Noble Peace prizewinner, President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama by cutting down ground combat troops while controlling the sky remotely raining death from above. This will definably lead to a new arms race and return to the cold war era. This decision came after US declared the mission on Iraqis complete and withdrew its combat troops from there keeping a few thousand under different categories (8000 troops in North Kurdistan, 18 fighter planes, 28 Drones and 25 Helicopters) and ‘diplomats’ in Baghdad to monitor the political parties and let the Iraqis manage the aftermath of destruction that the US troops left behind. The former deputy prime minister of Iraq Tariq Aziz said: “We are victims of US and UK, they killed our country …there is nothing here anymore. Nothing.” In fact more than 250 people died and hundreds were injured in a series of bombs that rocked provinces in Iran targeting Shia pilgrims, foretelling a civil war.




In Syria also a series of suicidal bombs occurred, writing a new page in unrest after the US took the decision to change the regime in Syria, which like Libya falls under the bigger picture of Islamization of the entire region. By denying Russia, Iran and China any access to the Mediterranean Sea, containing and isolating Russia and finally isolating Iran’s influence to prepare for an adventurous attack by Israel and US was the agenda. There are many reports suggesting that MI6 and CIA agents are already in Syria arming and training what is called the ‘Free Syria Army’ along with mercenaries from neighboring countries and now Al Qaeda cadets from Libya. According to the report, the US has a secret committee for aiding opposition while a brief report for military attack on Syria was written by Michael Weiss, a communication director of Jackson society. Henry Jackson Society of London is committed to the Empire program of perpetual war and the end of the nation state. The piece chosen by the Society was titled: ‘Intervention in Syria.’ (




All this is happening while the West and US (with $114,500,000,000 US unfunded liabilities) are reaping the profits from their invasion of Libya and investments on a sponsored war where they put 500 million US Dollars to topple Gaddafi which will yield 300 billion USD in the coming decade (  In addition to lucrative oil deals and infrastructure contracts which will benefit their ailing companies, the new rebel funded government reaps under the cloud of a civil war. A deadly combination of French Anglo-American and radical islamists is now reigning the Libyan economy; the West helped in destruction and gave a free hand in killing Gaddafi’s loyalists ( Countries like India, Russia and China are left dry and denied any deal by post Gaddafi leadership of ‘New Libya’.




William Blum in his book,US Military and CIA Interventions since World War II spoke about the US and CIA military intervention: invasions … bombings … overthrowing governments … occupations … suppressing movements for social change … assassinating political leaders … perverting elections … manipulating labor unions … manufacturing news … economic and political sanctions ... death squads …torture … biological warfare … depleted uranium …drug trafficking … mercenaries. For US to wage a war is more important and profitable than winning it. Recent reports from US media suggest that the law makers in the US are investing their money in the arms industry and making millions of dollars in profits from waging wars while American taxpayers have to bear the cost of wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. Between 2001 and 2005 defense corporations’ annual profits climbed 189%.It is the military establishment in the US which is dictating the foreign policy, specially the foreign policy that keeps US at war. ( In 1819 February18, US Congress rejected the rule of law in foreign policy (Seminole War) and ever since  the rule of force was established as a major drive in foreign policy as much as religious belief (Sword of the Spirit, Shield of Faith: Religion in American War and Diplomacy).




With the arrival of Russian war ships to the Syrian port of Tartous and its American counterpart already stationed nearby, it is merely a show of strength and it is unlikely that it will lead to a direct confrontation. It is basically a warning from Moscow that there should be no military intervention by NATO and funded mercenaries like in Libya. The US will be busy with the midterm presidential elections. So Syria will continue to bleed, the US led economic war on Iran (sponsored by AIPAC), ( will intensify and so uncertainty in the region will prevail.

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