The global war with Syria

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 The common perception among Syrian population now is calling upon the army to strike , do a surgical operation to eliminate those terrorists organization and end the proxy war on Syria , save the lives of innocent’s people and restore law and order.

A sign board for the Indian armed forces reads: It\'s God\'s responsibility to forgive the terrorist organizations.  It\'s our responsibility to arrange the meeting between them and God 
- Indian Armed Forces 
The coming days will be decisive and Damascus has to read the message clearly.
Damascus tried hard to explain to the world community and Kofi Annan the special envoy of the UN about the war Syria is facing with Al Qaeda organization and its affiliation, he realized that certain countries knew it and covertly supporting it to keep Syria bleeding. President Assad  explained to Mr.Annan  this and warned of  dire consequences if it does not stop .He added to him that he is under tremendous pressure from the army  to intervene and put an end for this chaos and blood sheds created by those armed groups with the supports of hostile nations. The loss of army officers and security personnel become so much that even the military leaders informed the president such a loss was not even in the war with Israel and the militants slaughtering innocent people and expelling many of minority groups from their area of influence which is unacceptable and   hence it is time to strike, eliminate them and restore peace and tranquility Syria and put an end to  the Al-Qaeda Global Alliance led by US war on Syria.
Annan, the godfather of the R2P doctrine of the NATO, has conveyed the message to those indulged in sabotage operation against Syria  but failed to convince them openly that the president still standing on a sticky wicket and enjoys the support of the majority who are pushing him to end their sufferings at the hands of those extremists .Annan stuck to his line of diktat and presented his report to UNSC ,acknowledging the presence of militant groups but accusing the government of excessive use of force .
With Moscow and Beijing still standing strongly to topple the NATO plot on Syria and rejects any attempt for a Libya like Scenario as a starter and a Yugoslavia like solution , especially when many revelation now in the open about the NATO atrocities and killing of civilians in Libya  when their mandate from the UN SC was to protect them .
In view of this proxy war ,gathering of mercenaries at the borders of Syria  waiting for instruction from their masters the warlords  to enter and rising public resentment against inaction of the government the president of Syria had to call the shot and warned all militants to lay down their arms and surrender to enjoy the general amnesty announced by the government like many who did and sets free.
US and  the West ,called for ouster of the regime and even tried from the start to pre empty   the special envoy of UN, Mr. Kofi Annan mission, from the start .The Petro Dollar never stopped pouring into the hands of fanatics and Jihadists and the arms smuggling, 
The Russian imitative  for hosting a conference on Syria , meant to force nations supporting armed insurgency in Syria to stop doing so and call upon the militants to lay their arms and come to the negotiating table which is unpalatable for them and hence the militants started terrorizing the Syrian citizens and firing at their house, calling upon them to join “Jihad “against” the tyrant, infidel regime “ or else face the consequences and that what led to more revenge killings by those rejectionist  forces .The public opinion now is strongly behind the government for an appropriate action as a responsible ,sovereign state .Parallel to this move an Arab capital was hosting a group of experts from different countries  covertly planning a psychological war on Syria ,blacking out all channels and radio communications, and screen on their media propaganda houses fabricated pictures screened in Jeddah and Doha ,showing replica of Syria`s main establishing areas to fool the people that a military coup has occurred and president fled the country , a genocide happening and NATO military intervention is eminent .This scenario was highlighted by journalist  Thierry Meyssan,who accused NATO ,Qatar ,Saudi Arabia and Turkey for this plot that could be executed in the coming days  (
Incidentally, the Arab League asked the satellite authorities of Arab Satellite and Nile sat to stop transmission of all Syrian channels which angered many since it is a crime against freedom of expression and denying the Syrian channels from showing the truth of the facts on the grounds.This explains the amount of frustration among those countries tolling the bells of war on Syria, after all their attempts till date failed in causing a major defects in the armed forces or among Syrian diplomats.
What is next?
On the other hand, for Damascus it is a war of survival in a turbulent region, an all war out now on those militant groups to eliminate them before they succeed in gaining any ground to find an excuse by international community to increase the number of foreign observers and then make a buffer zone between the Syrian government forces and what is called a Free Syria Army as a step for dividing Syria on ethnic and religious lines as planned. This will explain the delay in using regular army to eliminate those militants in a large scale .Syrian government bought time to reduce as much as possible the smuggling through its porous borders with hostile neighbors  ,in spite of the assurances from the government of Lebanon , Jordan and Iraq  not to allow its territories to be used against Syria ,sneaking of sophisticated  arms ,ammunition, Jihadists and continued unabated and in fact according to Mr. Annan himself the amount of violence increased many fold since the commencement of his mission  .
The people of Syria wants their government to act swiftly and end this violence with minimum collateral damage .Now that Syrian authority could control its border to some extent, will take on the militants group once and for all as the public opinion in favor and fully convinced  that the war is not to change the regime but to destroy the Syria to ensure  Israel  hegemony in the region ,that can take on any country oppose to its policy of expansion and aggression  , allow the spread of Radicals into Russia ,so the  US will divert its focus to Asia Pacific  region to take on China .
The coming weeks will be crucial and decisive in term of Syria future .The road map of reforms and democratization process will be on fast track if the government is able to control the violence and eliminate mercenaries .The unlikely scenario but it is a distance aim is prolonging bleeding, setting up sectarian rift and calling for division of Syria on ethnic lines. The Russian foreign minister accused US of arming the insurgents with sophisticated weapons to take on the government forces, which will prolong the cleansing operation by the government to restore normalcy.
Let be no dearth of doubt that Syria is facing an armed revolt funded and armed by vested interest countries and let be no doubt in any body mind that it will be crushed .President Bashar Al assad said Syria is not facing a political crisis but a communal project based on terrorism  and a real external  war and the now the enemy within …
 Syria may be a small country and the last secular one in the Middle East but its significance is beyond its borders. The Syrian file will be present strongly at the Summit meeting between  US president Barack Obama and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin ,on the sideline of G-20 Summit in Mexico and the outcome of Syria`s crisis will shape the new world order and new chapter of  contemporary history will starts from there……
By Dr.WAIEL Awwad 
Senior international correspondent based in south Asia 

Added By : Dr. Waiel Awwad

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