Syria: living dangerously

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 When I planned to visit my home town  Salamiyeh in Hama`s province  ,after a gap of one and a half year ,my mother called me frantically appealing to me not to travel since the road through Homs is dangerous ,many cars are attacked , lootings , abduction and killing on the ID ..What struck me the most and felt my heart with sadness when she said to me: My son even if we have to bury him don`t come! Please go back to your wife and children; they have no one to support but you! God bless you.

If a country which enjoyed more than 4 decades of tranquility and peaceful coexistence could sustain it in the most turbulent region of the world and now descends into chaos, then something must have gone wrong.
I was in Damascus when two suicidal operation struck the busting city in a span of a minute, I lived next to Mountain Qassion and I was talking to my wife in India, I heard it so loudly that I thought for a minute may be there is an army training in the mountain as it use to be long time ago but there was no noise of any fighter`s plane roaring the sky  .I did not inform my wife and in less than five minute my brother called me and he said two bomb blasts occurred and many casualties .He added I was three minute crossing the same spot in my way to office .My niece Bana ,who lives in a nearby colony , was frantically calling and crying ,her kid was on his way to kindergarten and that is the normal route the mini bus takes but the mobile  the driver was no answer  and that set up the stage for a horror that lasted for three hours till she came to know that it was a lucky escape and she posted her experience on her  page on facebook .This was the terrifying moment of all parents of the kids but  for others who were killed ,the agony of the loss of the dear ones still echo in the Qassion mountain and beyond .
In a little while my wife called back crying while watching the horrific seen on TV channels of the causalities and burned bodies and destruction of many building and the belonging and body parts of the bereaved scattered. She came to know about the blast in less than five minutes when my daughter`s friend tweeted with her from US and informed her about the blasts and he knew I was in Damascus.
The aftermath of the bomb blasts and the tragic stories of the victims and their families that followed give you the sense of the tone of the population that what is happening in Syria is not an indigenous but a job of dark forces equipped with rejectionist ideology fueled with religious fanaticism, those “Jihadists from across the borders “arrived in Syria to destroy it.
The spelling of Syrian blood is paining me the most and specially  for the innocents killed in this bloody quagmire and the young ones who was misled in the name of  revolution .
The hotels in Damascus wearing a deserted look ,I could only see few inside four season hotel and easily spotted my old colleagues from the BBC who came back from the bomb blasts and saw the horrifying  terrorist act .I could exchange quick conversation .I saw few International Observers as well and had a conversation with the hotel employees from different part of Syria who complained of down to earth business .Similar picture was in Sheraton and elsewhere .The market which use to be versatile is almost empty ,  no tourist or even Expats coming from neighboring Arab states that used to spend their summer vacation with their family in Syria .The  shops closing down earlier than schedule while you could see many people from Homs are taking shelter in the city with relatives and in cheaper hotels .  Walid  an old friend of mine from Homs ,he use to run automobile car show in Homs ,he closed his business after threat from militants to pay loyalty to “revolutionists” or face the consequences .He spoke of many deaths and militants forcing people to join them ,he added many innocents lost their lives and selective killings is feasible and ethnic cleansing  is taking place .In fact some reports confirmed that more than 50000 Christians  were removed from their houses forcefully . Back in Damascus, shop keepers hanging outside, few window shoppers . No fresh stock in the market in many, where I used to do my shopping and they complained to me that because of their factories in rural Damascus and since it is witnessing unrest and many of the workers recruited by local militia and criminals with lucrative offers, so no business took place nor they were able to manufacture new suits. Since I am their regular seasonal customer, they advised me not to buy from them the old stock .The sanction imposed on Syria definitely had its toll on the people, the common man is paying the price as the prices increased sharply and LPG become a scarcity and people opted for kerosene and coal for cooking. My brother work for Syrian Petroleum Company in the Gas distribution, he sent his driver to fetch him  a cylinder, the driver  lost his mobile, his purse was stolen and came back home  without a cylinder complaining of  uncontrollable crowd.
A witness account
I stayed back in Damascus for a couple of days and met with a cross section of people from all strata and exchanged views about the current situation and the way forward .The best part everyone in Syria have a say , an idea and a solution !!. I could see the mode changes of the people who start talking openly against the corrupted ones and blaming them for mishandling the crisis and allowing criminals and thieves to rule the street of the outskirt of metropolitan cities. They were speaking more bravely of   unemployment and appeasement that led to resentment among the young population. They were of the opinion that we will not allow foreign intervention and will fight the battle themselves .What was striking me the most that many shared my worries and my assessment post Iraq invasion is vindicated , about the presence of religious fanatics and agreed that those who came back from fighting the American invasion of Iraq stayed back in those poor undeveloped  rural areas of Syria and expats who came back visiting their native`s towns informed me that the mosques they built in their villages became a Wahabbi centers promoting extreme ideology, recruiting young fighters to Iraq  and many of the expats families stopped going to these mosques …When I raised the alarm in 2005,6,7 and 2008 ,many Syrian officials played down my worries and assured me that everything is under control !They never liked my critics.
An alarming facts and one wonder where the intelligent apparatus doing. Why there was no curb for these activities? I think president Assad need to answer all these .I am sure he is determine to do so in times to come as he said in his speech it is not the right time to blame or question WHY…, but what is important is to fight together a terror war imposed on us supported by those countries that have their own agenda on the future of Syria, an old enmity, revenge and sabotage. A proxy war is led by US and Israel against Syria funded by Arab money. What is better than a War doctrine that you do not lose a soldier and every bullet you faired is paid lavishly by Sheikhdoms.
I am eager to see how President Assad will cleanse his administration from the corrupt ones and betrayers of the nation once the crisis is over.
Intelligent officers informed me that some of those mercenaries captured crying why they were kept alive:”they had an appointment with prophet Mohammad (PUH) over lunch in Heaven “.A Libyan  Jihadist was questioning  the security officer who captured him alive why he was beating him since he was told by his recruiters that he is going to fight in Palestine against Zionist regime but when they brought him to Lebanon, he was smuggled into Syrian Zabadani  outskirt of Damascus and told him his “fixers” this is occupied Palestine and go fight the “Israeli army” ..The  Syrian army officer did not buy his bluff and told him: If what you were saying is correct, then why not a single Mufti called for a fight against Israel atrocities’ and the Americans policy if what you were saying is true? Now he and many Arabs from Libya, Tunisia, Kuwait, Chechens, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are languishing inside Syrian jails and much still at large causing havoc in Syrian cities and horrifying the people by committing massacres to implicate the government and gain international sympathy and support for a military intervention. The worst part is that they are killing a selected sect to make it looks like sectarian violence and specially that sect of the president.
The common perception among Syrian population now is calling upon the army to strike to do a surgical operation to eliminate those terrorists organization and end the proxy war on Syria , save the lives of innocent’s people and restore law and order.
A sign board for the Indian armed forces reads: It\'s God\'s responsibility to forgive the terrorist organizations.  It\'s our responsibility to arrange the meeting between them and God 
- Indian Armed Forces 
The coming days will be decisive and Damascus has to read the message clearly.
The global war with Syria
One official told me: If this much of money, arms, mercenaries ,propaganda war and international pressures applied on US ,it would have collapsed by now  ,so you can imagine how Syria still standing strong  !!
When I shared my worries with colleagues about the state of affairs of my country   ,they understood the game plan on Syria and a dear one said to me not to worry there are still voices in India supporting your country and :Karbala battle was lost but they won the hearts of millions .
Moscow and Beijing still standing strongly to topple the NATO plot on Syria and rejects any attempt for a Libya like Scenario as a starter and a Yugoslavia like solution , especially when many revelation now in the open about the NATO atrocities and killing of civilians in Libya  when their mandate from the UN SC was to protect them .
 US and  the West ,called for ouster of the regime and even tried from the start to pre empty   the special envoy of UN, Mr. Kofi Annan mission, from the start .The Petro Dollar never stopped pouring into the hands of fanatics and Jihadists and the arms smuggling, so the targeting the army and security officers increased, so does the slaughtering of innocent civilians in the name of revolution and accusing the regime of atrocities. Mr. Annan acknowledged the presence of militant groups but failed to name it and the countries supporting them. The UN only saw with one eye the government as the culprit, threaten it with dire consequences and ignored the other militant’s part and now calling a `third party` behind the massacres. The Russian imitative meant to force nations supporting armed insurgency in Syria to stop doing so and call upon the militants to lay their arms and come to the negotiating table which is unpalatable for them and hence the militants started terrorizing the Syrian citizens and firing at their house, calling upon them to join “Jihad “against” the tyrant, infidel regime “ or else face the consequences and that what led to more revenge killings by those rejectionist  forces .The public opinion now is strongly behind the government for an appropriate action as a responsible ,sovereign state .
Manufacturing a war 
Russia called for an emergency meeting of the influential countries on the Syrian affairs to sort out a solution acceptable to all and ensure it is a domestic one and not imposed externally and put an end to the Al-Qaeda Global Alliance led by US war on Syria.
Parallel to this move an Arab capital was hosting a group of experts from different countries  covertly planning a psychological war on Syria ,blacking out all channels and radio communications, and screen on their media propaganda houses fabricated pictures screened in Jeddah and Doha ,showing replica of Syria`s main establishing areas to fool the people that a military coup has occurred and president fled the country , a genocide happening and NATO military intervention is eminent .This scenario was highlighted by journalist  Thierry Meyssan,who accused NATO ,Qatar ,Saudi Arabia and Turkey for this plot that could be executed in the coming days  (
Incidentally, the Arab League asked the satellite authorities of Arab Satellite and Nile sat to stop transmission of all Syrian channels which angered many since it is a crime against freedom of expression and denying the Syrian channels from showing the truth of the facts on the grounds.
This explains the amount of frustration among those countries tolling the bells of war on Syria, after all their attempts till date failed in causing a major defects in the armed forces or among Syrian diplomats.
What is next?
On the other hand, for Damascus it is a war of survival in a turbulent region, an all war out now on those militant groups to eliminate them before they succeed in gaining any ground to find an excuse by international community to increase the number of foreign observers and then make a buffer zone between the Syrian government forces and what is called a Free Syria Army as a step for dividing Syria on ethnic and religious lines as planned. This will explain the delay in using regular army to eliminate those militants in a large scale .Syrian government bought time to reduce as much as possible the smuggling through its porous borders with hostile neighbors  ,in spite of the assurances from the government of Lebanon , Jordan and Iraq  not to allow its territories to be used against Syria ,sneaking of sophisticated  arms ,ammunition, Jihadists and continued unabated and in fact according to Mr. Annan himself the amount of violence increased many fold since the commencement of his mission  .
The people of Syria wants their government to act swiftly and end this violence with minimum collateral damage .Now that Syrian authority could control its border to some extent, will take on the militants group once and for all as the public opinion in favor and fully convinced  that the war is not to change the regime but to destroy the Syria to ensure  Israel  hegemony in the region ,that can take on any country oppose to its policy of expansion and aggression  , allow the spread of Radicals into Russia ,so the  US will divert its focus to Asia Pacific  region to take on China .
The coming weeks will be crucial and decisive in term of Syria future .The road map of reforms and democratization process will be on fast track if the government is able to control the violence and eliminate mercenaries .The unlikely scenario but it is a distance aim is prolonging bleeding, setting up sectarian rift and calling for division of Syria on ethnic lines. The Russian foreign minister accused US of arming the insurgents with sophisticated weapons to take on the government forces, which will prolong the cleansing operation by the government to restore normalcy.
Syrians has to be patient and let a visionary leader who can read between the lines and sail them with the ship to a safe shore. This only possible with the help of all Syrians that can see uncertainty and the danger is nearer.
Syria is facing an armed revolt funded and armed by vested interest countries and let be no doubt in any body mind that it will be crushed and this remind me of a letter  by pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru  to the Assam Chief Minister, Bishnuram Medhi in mid-May 1956, when the Naga rebellion was at its peak. And he said: There can be no doubt that an armed revolt has to be met by force and suppressed. There are no two opinions about that and we shall set about it as efficiently and effectively as possible. But our whole past and present outlook is based on force by itself being no remedy … Much more must we remember this when dealing with our own countrymen who have to be won over and not merely suppressed … It may be that the present is no time for the political approach, because it may be construed as a sign of weakness. But anyhow our minds should be clear that and even now onwards we should do nothing which will come in the way of that political approach and we should let it be known that we want to be friends with the Nagas unless they revolt against us. 
Did president Bashar Al assad read this when he said Syria is not facing a political crisis but a communal project based on terrorism  and a real external  war and the now the enemy within …
 Syria may be a small country and the last secular one in the Middle East but its significance is beyond its borders. The Syrian file will be present strongly at the Summit meeting between  US president Barack Obama and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin ,on the sideline of G-20 Summit in Mexico and the outcome of Syria`s crisis will shape the new world order and new chapter of  contemporary history will starts from there……
By Dr.WAIEL Awwad 
Senior  international correspondent based in south Asia 

Added By : Dr. Waiel Awwad

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