Syria and the Beasts

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 Ever since the crisis in Syria erupted in southern city of Deraa, almost a year ago, many western capitals signed off president Bashar Alassad and talked of regime change despite the sincere efforts on the president side to calm down the street and enhance the political and economic reforms  .As we say in Arabic “the letter can be read from the heading  “.it was a collective efforts by the US ,few Arab capitals and the West to take on Assad `s regime and demonize the president character since he had a clean image of a young  ,charismatic and reformist leader .They have succeeded to a large extend by prolonging the unrest and arming the rebels and pouring in a large number of Jihadists willing to die since they got the key to heaven from those fanatic clergies calling from many mosques in the gulf for jihad in Syria ,even a Saudi clergy ,said killing Assad is Halal and better than killing the Israelis .

After a year of unrest the president still standing tall and Syrians casted their votes in a referendum for the new constitution ,in the presence of more than 100 local and international news  agencies and 90 legal and political experts .The result was  57.4% out of 14.6 million voters took part in the democratic exercise and 89.8% voted in favor and now the new constitution in force  .It is not time for celebration since the country still bleeding and more people are killed daily  and now calling in the open to arm the rebels .
Petro war media:
Undoubtedly  the war on Syria led by giant media houses and no  let out till date  .Headlines like :West needs Syria in turmoil, Israel see Assad lesser Evil ,reshaping the Middle East ,How to topple Assad  ,how to surpass Russia and China`s veto, post Assad Scenario and so on so for……  but not a single country  spoke how to save Syria from a war or even engage the Syrian government to find a solution  to the crisis .When the US secretary of state  Hillary  Clinton  called the Chinese and Russian veto of UN Syrian resolution  “despicable” ,the Chinese question the American morality of protecting the Arabs while the whole world still remember Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and using of Phosphorus bombs in Fallujah city of Iraq of Sunni majority and flatten the city .Not to speak of NATO war on Libya and post Qaddafi civil war or even to speak of the latest incidence of burning copies of the holy book by US soldiers in Afghanistan .
Despite all these US acknowledged the hand of Al Qaeda in the bombing of Syrian cities of Damascus and Aleppo even Ayman Alzawahri called on his followers to join Jihad in Syria .In fact an affiliated group to Al Qaeda called The Frontier of Nusrat Biladdusham owned  the responsibility of bombing Al midan locality in Damascus on Jan.6th and posted on their website (
Homs secret exposed:
The truth about Homs as a bastion of the rebels and  Arab Mujahedeen, from Afghanistan and Pakistan also is revealing after the army moved into besieged Bab Amr and when an armed vehicle tried to enter the locality it was fired at by  Shipon 300  Israeli rocket that melted the armed vehicle and when armed personnel moved closer they were attack by the most sophisticated weapons(Thermal Sniper Scope) used by US army and Black water company in Iraq and now as per media reports training Syrian rebels in a hideout in the desert of Abu Dhabi under a new name of the company :Xe Service LLC Co.
Reports also from there speaks of Jihadists from Libya and Afghanistan are targeting those Syrian rebels willing to surrender to the army  
By then Syrian intelligent realized that what they are facing an armed rebellion with the latest equipment from US, France and Israel, that is superior to what they are in possession and that is why there was delay in finishing the insurrection to avoid collateral damage of civilians to a large extent.
This will explain the outcry of US and West for a “Humanitarian corridor” in Homs to ensure a safe passage to rebels and their equipments .This also reveals how did foreign journalists get embedded with the rebels and the sad demises of two colleagues but others managed to smuggle out into Lebanon with the help of rebels after the negotiation with the rebels and Syrian red cross failed.
The amount of covert works carried out in Homs to establish a safe haven for rebels leave no doubt that the government was asleep when such lager number of fighters managed to sneak in with arms and ammunition and latest broadcasting equipments and the second most important point that is clearly a sign that the war on Syria was not as a result of what happen in Deraa or because of the social unrest .It is rather a well meticulously plan to topple the regime.
What next?
While the US led orchestra is pushing hard to pass a resolution against Syrian regime, China and Russia may call for a resolution for a ceasefire from all sides and call the opposition to set across the table to find a solution to the crisis.
An optimistic will find it easy said than practiced since the outside opposition are following the diktat of their masters and refused long time to have a dialogue with the government and having a clear agenda for military intervention in Syria. 
People of Syria will continue to die and the suffering will intensify as long as the West and some Arab counties mingle in the Syrian internal affairs and arm the rebels.
The success of president Assad to retain unity within the army and the majority rallying behind him will remain the main factor to defeat the external plot .This should push for a national unity government to establish peace and security and take the reforms forward for a better future for Syria and the region after getting rid of terrorism and perpetrators .Syria then will remain the only castle for secularism in the Arab world and will heal our own wounds .
Dr.WAIEL Awwad
 Senior Arab journalist 

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According to the recent news; that Turkey is very much worierd about al qeda fighters inside the country. killing innocent civilian people in syria and calling allah akbar is a crime against all god\'s religion .this is what these thugs / terrorist kill

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