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In an exclusive interview with IRNA, President of the Foreign Correspondent’s Club (FCC) in New Delhi, Dr. Waiel Awwad said: “Iran is a regional power and can be a stabilizing factor if we can see a kind of an accord between the PGCC and Iran to build up trust, dialogue, exchange of views and facing common challenges should be seen in a wider perspective and not in isolation.”

“If we learn that the danger will engulf all of us and not only Iraq and Syria then we may see a kind of compromise and rapprochement among Iran and the Arab countries. When Arab countries put their interest as a priority and not serving the design that vested interest countries would like to widen the gap between Iran and its neighbors, then we can see Iran playing a major stabilizing role and not part of the problem as projected by some,” he added.

The seasoned analyst of the Middle East affairs termed the developments in Iraq as part of a joint conspiracy by the Zionist regime and Saudi Arabia to destroy Iraq, and consequently, to weaken Iran.

The main threat to Israel’s existence is strong armies in Iraq, Syria and Egypt and, hence, weakening of these countries is a part of Oded Yinons plan for Israel in the Eighties,” he said.

“Saudi Arabia is playing the spoil in the Arab affairs and even the CIA acknowledged during its occupation of Iraq that 45-50% of the suicidal bombers in Iraq were Saudi nationals, which is a clear indication that a revenge was always in the card of Ale Saud to destroy Iraq.”

According to Dr. Awwad, the proximity of the Iraqi government to Iran helped in fueling the hatred towards both and spreading the sectarian agenda for divide and conquer which led to a false propaganda to recruits mercenaries to sabotage stability in Syria and Iraq.

“It is part of a US-Israel -Saudi -Turkey axis plan to demolishing resistance crescent fighting against the US-Israel project in the Middle East. So all countries opposed to this project, including Lebanon and Palestinian resistance forces, are targets.” He added.

Elaborating on the US designs in the Middle East, Dr. Awwad said: “We must understand that the objectives of the US invasion into Iraq were mainly to control its oil fields, to secure Israel’s national interests and to divide Iraq .

To a large extend, these objectives have been met and since the nineties, Iraq is literally divided into three parts. Prior to the 2003 US invasion of Iraq, there was no Al-Qaeda in Iraq and the US forces and governors ensured spread of the radicalism, promoting a new brand of Al- Qaeda in Iraq with Abu Musab Al Zarqawi who founded it. Iraq’s present situation is a culmination of the US occupation of the country.”

“The division of Iraq is designed by Israel, US and Turkey. You can see this from the deal that ensured the stealing of Iraqi oil through the Turkish pipeline and shipping of free oil to Tel Aviv. Beside the betrayal of the people of Mosul and then the Kurdish control of Kirkuk is a clear indication that there is an understanding between these forces to ensure that division of Iraq is inevitable,” he said.

Terming the consequences of the ISIS movement in Iraq as very dangerous for South Asia, Dr. Awwad said: The project in the Middle East and North Africa was a constructive anarchy where we noticed the radical forces replacing secular regimes.

With the ISIS induction, the West project is more clear and it entered into the phase of mobile anarchy which will spread to other parts of the world including India and Southeast Asia countries, since there is a considerable number of mercenaries from those countries joining the ISIS and they will cause havoc if they returned alive.”

“Extremism and radicalism will strengthen the US propaganda on the global fight against terrorism and justify its military intervention in many countries under the pretext of Humanitarian Intervention.

India will face a herculean task after the US and ISAF withdrawal from Afghanistan. Will Afghanistan go the same way of Iraq? Disintegration, division into small states and redrawing of the world map are the main aims of the US supremacy,” Dr. Awwad concluded.

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