When I turned the TV to watch the slaughtering of Muammar Gaddafi by his own people, my 8 - year old son angrily looked at me and said in a disgusted voice : Dad, do You have to show me these ugly pictures of killing this man?

I was taken aback and restored the TV to his favorite channel before I tried to explain to him that my job made me watch and observe these gruesome things so that I could share my views with others. I had no time to explain further and went to my PC to monitor the developments in Libya after the killing of the President and his son that was followed by looting , raping and revenge killing of his supporters in Sirte and neighboring areas by other fighters from Misrata; the ones who displayed the dead bodies of Gaddafi, his dead son and his defense minister for their tribe to come and see the bounty they had collected and were so proud of their victory .
I did not let my son watch anymore, but he was looking at the cameras around the room and watched me talking on TV, while channels kept displaying the horrifying pictures, uncensored.
I do not know how many kids like my son Nouman did watch the gruesome pictures accidently, but I am certain it will have a lasting impact, specially because those killers were chanting Allah o Akbar, (God is Great) in an excited manner and firing in the air.

I told my son those people had nothing to do with God and the almighty will never have mercy on them for killing a captive in broad daylight. As a responsible father I had to go back and took a quote from our Holy book and told him the meaning: That anyone who kills a human being will make the Almighty angry and will be thrown into Hell.

I did not explain the Humanitarian War and justification for the participation of NATO in regime change policy towards the Arab world, while riding rough shod on the genuine demands of the people, which are similar to many countries all over the world. But what I failed to explain to him, since I am so sick at heart, is that corrupted Arab regimes and wanted leaders are proudly admitting their participation in arming the rebels and fighting alongside with them to topple Gaddafi`s regime at the behest of their (western) MASTERS .!!

I failed to explain to him that the international community is equally responsible for allowing this to happen and for preaching wars. Even peace - promoting international institutions (like the United Nations) have miserably failed, intentionally, in dealing with the outcome of war mongerers and promoters. and the adverse impact this will leave on those people lived till recently in harmony with each other.
Now they are turning our lands into a hell to live in, with no peace or justice.
More than 40,000 heavy bombs were showered on Libya by NATO forces, not to speak of the devastating ground attacks by rebels and mercenaries from different countries including Arab countries. If each bomb killed 5 Libyans only, even then we have more than 200,000 people killed, when the mandate of the UN Security Council was to protect civilians.
What about the current reprisals by the victors? There is a flood of reports from people denied entry into their homes by the fighters, and their homes either destroyed or looted. Even families who survived the assaults are calling those rebels rats and not revolutionists.

Our international human rights organizations and intellectual classes promoted lies about genocides happening in Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria,Yemen and many other states which, afterwards turned out to be a fiasco and a false alarm, but in many cases and countries, the damage was done.
Take Iraq as an example of the democracy they are promoting. What system is followed when you are forced to vote along your ethnic /sectarian lines?
They call it a multi - party system democracy!
The United States is pulling out of Iraq not because they succeeded, but because the worst is yet to come: preparing for a wider war in the region that will inflame countries encircling Iraq .

Ibrahim, a native from my city Hama, a facebook friend was chatting with me while working in the gulf and requested me to visit his wall and see the video he had posted. Without hesitation I opened the video and I was shocked to see young boys of our city with their throats cut and slaughtered, with their heads separated from their bodies, displayed with the sharp knife used for cattle, by hooded men chanting Allah o Akbar. I could not believe my eyes. I was terrified, even though I saw many such bodies earlier. I am unable to recover from viewing such horrific, inhuman acts.

When I shared my mental agony with a senior Indian colleague I did not tell him I have not been sleeping properly. But when he heard the story, he said : Well, my friend, I said it 30 years ago that those \\\'champions of democracy and human rights\\\' are not after the water and oil in your part of the world, they are after your existence, your heritage and your past glory. They are after your Umayyad mosque in Damascus and the cradle of Christianity,Maa`loula city, where the language of Jesus Christ is still spoken.

What is happening in the Arab world is horrifying and we are heading toward the Dark Ages, since the Talibaization of the region is the objective of the US and NATO forces. The spirit of true Islam is not practiced anymore and we have let the neo Islamists to politically rule our world.

I have tried to console myself by reading Mirza Ghalib\\\'s biography :
Hua jab gham se yun behis,to gham kya sar ke katne ka? Na hota agar juda tan se , to zanu par dharna hota
Having gone immune to pain, why fear the loss of head? Had it not been separated from the body, it would have resting on the Knees.

DR.WAIEL AWWAD is an eminent Syrian journalist who is traumatised by the brutality in the aftermath of the so called \\\'Arab Spring\\\'. He writes this column for irgamag.com
October 31, 2011.

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