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Within 24 hours of delivering his speech, President Bashar al Assad announced a series of measures and laid down a new road map for Syria to come out of the current crisis and surge ahead in a reconciliation process.

He immediately issued a general amnesty decree till 20-06 2011 and called upon the Syrians who ran away to Turkey to return to Syria. ( to preempt the plot laid by the enemies of the state, to create a humanitarian crisis, thus inviting international intervention. This was promptly followed by huge pro government demonstrations all over Syria. Millions of people came out shouting slogans in support of the President\'s new policy and called for unity among all Syrians to face the challenges .These demonstrations where ignored by the global media and while millions were in the streets in the morning hours, Aljazeera TV carried its latest news on Syria by telecasting YouTube footage of an anti - government demonstration from the night before.

The President again chose Damascus university grounds to address the youth, the new generation of Syria, and announced his new vision for Syria and the way to carry this vision forward, unlike his previous speeches. He avoided talking of external factors and focused mainly on internal ones. He acknowledged that there are genuine demands from a large section of society to improve their socio - economic status and that a small Salafi section was trying to impose their agenda on Syria with external support. This would be dealt with firmly and there was no room for negotiation ( He also spoke of corruption and promised to uproot it from the Syrian establishment .

The main attractions of Assad\'s speech were:

 His call for amendment of the Constitution and the promulgation of a new Constitution once a new Parliament is elected.

 Political reforms based on public participation.

 Transformation into a new parliamentary system

 National reconciliation: This was an important step since he had held a series of meetings with representatives of the various strata of the society throughout the unrest and listened to their woes and demands and put it in his policy.

 Series of measures and new laws for information and broadcasting, new political parties and assembly elections.


The amount of desperation among the USA and its allies is evident each time the Syrian President foils the plot and responds to the genuine demands of the people of Syria, and when all means to create a replica of Benghazi in Libya failed. As attempts to create a split in the armed forces or a cause a revolt did not happen and the people of Syria rallied behind the government to defeat the plot, NATO members led by France and UK raised the ante and moved files detailing suspected nuclear sites, and Crimes against humanity and genocide  in order to increase pressure on those nations opposing an immediate resolution against Syria at the United Nations, that can facilitate another Humanitarian Intervention, to unilaterally and forcefully disarm Syria , under the pretext of protecting civilians; a case similar to what has happened in Libya, where Human Rights Watch put the figure of more than a thousand death and thousands of civilians injured after more than 10,000 sorties by NATO forces, and more than 4000 strikes over the country, without any legal mandate ,a much higher number than what Colonel Gaddafi caused in the ongoing war.


The intended prolonging of war on Libya by NATO has its reasons to turn Libya into Omar Al Mukhtar`s era another Afghanistan - like state, since the war bill is paid on a regular basis by Qatar and the UAE ( who are also participating militarily with the NATO to ensure that the supply of Libyan oil to Europe is not disturbed. This delay is intended to keep NATO forces active in the Mediterranean Sea, betting on another intervention on Syria.


While innocent Syrian peoples\' blood is still spilling on Syrian soil, irrespective of whether it is of civilians, security personnel or army officers, the search for other means to overthrow the government will continue (


It is very painful for me see my country bleeding but that is our destiny and the geopolitical strategic location makes it a prey for many enemies within and externally mobilized forces, as a strong Syria is of no benefit to its adverse neighbors, proximate and distant.


The latest hoax was the \'Gay\' story in Syria that did not exist but was the creation of an American gay Tom MacMaster  who later apologized to his readers (


The irony that those advocates of human rights are themselves violating the essence of it in a country like Syria which enjoyed more than four decades of stability, peace and security in a turbulent and most dangerous region in the world. (


Syria: the safety valve in the Middle East

The President has paved the way for a National Dialogue, a new Syria, the price of standing united against the challenges and external interferences, promising the people to set an example of the Arab Spring by joining masses and calling for changes politically and economically.


It is the end of the crisis in Syria despite all attempts by external forces to topple the regime, and it is a matter of time; till the end of the year as a maximum timetable to implement all the promises made by the President. If Syria can survive and does survive then a new chapter in Syria`s history will open and there will be no looking back by marching ahead against all odds, and it will be by the people and for the people of Syria. Syria will remain a source of stability and prosperity in West Asia.


Dr.WAIEL AWWAD is a senior Syrian journalist and analyst of Arab issues. He writes this column exclusively for


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