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Finally France has admitted to arming the Libyan rebels and surely Britain and other NATO members will follow suit because it is a lost cause and they cannot deny it any more.

Thanks to Qatar, which opened a special account for the Libyan oil sold by the rebels and to pay the bill for the arms and ammunition shipments.


The short - sighted vision of the rebels made them fall in the trap and hence the initiative was hijacked. Dictates for the future of Libya is determined by them along the same outlines of what has happened in Afghanistan and Iraq. Remember, they declared victory, but ask the people themselves and witness the daily suffering and you will judge who has won.


As we have said earlier, truth is the first casualty in any war, and so is the situation in Libya where there is a clear violation of International law and the United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1973 for academic reasons and for those who still believe there is an international law to follow. This revelation followed the issue of warrants against Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi, his son Saif and his chief of military security Abdulalla Al Sanosi to preempt any move for reconciliation or reaching any solution by the two rival parties without NATO interference.


In fact, despite the denial of NATO members and the USA that they are protecting civilians, they will be targeting Gaddafi personally to kill him when the Libyan campaign enters the third phase of the their plan, which Yemen has reached, with President Ali Abdullah Saleh being personally targeted, allegedly by a US rocket on 3rd of June (Focus rocket : a new technology only available with the US and Russia) and the American envoy to Yemen become the acting president and drafting the future of Yemen on the basis of its relations with US .


The President of Yemen is recovering from his injuries and will be allowed to go to Yemen only if he is declared dead on arrival.


The US ambassador to Yemen assured the vice president of Yemen Mr. Abdu Rabu Mansoor Hadi of his country\'s intention only to attack al Qaeda members and increase its covert operations using voice recognition to track al Qaeda militants. The government of Yemen has lost five provinces, and hence this US action will help it regain control. The dangerous game that president Saleh played will continue with his successor because this will lead to a more chaotic situation and further internal strife with sectarian violence. This will set up the stage for international intervention and the setting up of US military bases in the most strategic region, located along the sea trade routes through the Suez canal.


This view is widely believed by many experts after the recent developments in Yemen, although others feel that the departure of President Saleh will set the stage for a free election and reconciliation among the ruling party and the opposition, between the rival tribal groups. However, all these will be measured by the outcome of the revolts and harsh economic situation which starts having a negative impact on the life of common man.


There are long queues in gas station and petrol pumps, the prices of commodities are soaring and security in the country is deteriorating , besides which is the high level of unemployment and low income in a country which relies on tourism that has been affected quite badly .


The Saudi Angle


According to reports, Saudi Arabia has given assurances to the US that Saleh will not be allowed to go back to Yemen even if cosmetic surgery can repair the damage done to his body and face after the attack.


With the 24 million population of Yemen, it will be a risk for Riyadh to be seen interfering in the internal affairs of Sana’a. So Prince Sultan is trying to influence and buy the loyalty of Yemeni tribal society, and will continue to ensure that Saudi indulgence is a goodwill mission.


The well wishers of Yemen would like to see it united and forming a national government to meet the aspiration of all strata of its society, with a new constitution to protect them. This view is shared by many Arabs who believe that their roots lie in the history of Yemen .


Dr.WAIEL Awwad is a senior journalist and analyst of issues in West Asia and North Africa. He writes this column exclusively for

June 30, 2011.

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