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How are you. I wanted to express you all my support in these moments. I know that what Syria and our President is facing now is minuscule comparing with the attacks from powerful enemies he has received and has remarkably defeated so well in the sake of Syria and Syrians.

But what is sad for me now is that this time it comes from some people to whom he has given glory and dignity. My grandfather came alone to Argentina when he was 13 escaping from war and hunger. He didn’t carry a Syrian Passport since he didn’t even have a nation at that time. Now the world can see what Syria is today. A nation we all are proud of and with hopes that every day will continue to be greater. I’m sure this issue will be solved as much more difficult issues have been successfully solved in Syria.

This letter was written recently by a close friend of mine after the revolt in Syria, he belongs to the third generation of Syrian expats living in Argentine, married to a reputed Argentinean lady and a successful businessman. He did not speak Arabic but we communicated in English and his heart bleeds for Syria as seen from his letter. His grandfather like mine and hundred thousands of youth left Syria, during the First World War because Turkey was forcing young Arabs to the army to join the war but this was part of a bigger plot by European colonists to kill the patriotic feeling among wounded Arabs who suffered at the hand of the Ottoman Empire. Syrians were tortured and put on top of the pole (funnel Shape) and their bodies torn off because of their patriotism. Surprisingly now the population of Syria 24 million is almost equal to the number of Syrian expats. It is a unique phenomenon and highlights the plot to vacate Syrians from their homeland by colonists and allowed minorities from other faiths to come and settle in Syria after they were persecuted by Turkey and Bolshevist Russia, CIS and Balkan like Armenian, Charkas, Kurds and many others. The Syrian Christian joined hand with the Kurd in the first world war in Turkey and many Kurds escaped to settle in Syria and when the Christian and Kurd where enemies during the second world war more than 50000 were massacred and they started fleeing to Syria and settled there.
The fertile Goddess of Syria provided them with love and abundant fruits and food and absorbed them within the Syrian society to be as patriotic as the grandfather of my dear Argentinean friend.There are millions of Syrian expats in Argentine, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia and other Latin American states.

This is a true reflection of a patriotic Syria who had to pay because of Pan-Arabism ideology. The British and French Empires had to break this feeling for two reasons: one to make the greater Syria or natural Syria (BiladuSham, which used to be called includes current Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and north of Jordan) pay the price and second to implant Israel as a state in the heart of the region to dominate it and pre empty any attempt at unity among the Arab world. The promise to the Jews was made by Arthur James Belfour, foreign secretary of UK, (Belfour Declaration) to establish a Jewish state in Palestine in 1917 and to facilitate the achievement of this object. To do so Jewish immigration was allowed to Palestine, under the auspices of British administered Palestine, and to weaken greater Syria it was divided into different states by the Sykes-Picot accord, Iskenderun province was gifted to Turkey in 1939 by France during their mandate of Syria as a token not to join German Nazi in the world war II (against all international laws which call for protection of country and people under occupation) this led to influx of refugees from that province into Syria from different faiths and the Christians church (5 Eastern Arab churches )shifted from Antakya to Damascus, Lebanon border with Syria was drawn in a haphazard manner to ensure the majorities Christian villages are included in Lebanon to meet the requirement for establishing a Christian minority state leaving hundreds of families displaced between Syria and the new state of Lebanon. France mandate on Syria was resisted even before the arrival of the French generals. War was declared while the colonial troops were sailing toward Syria, although they were ill equipped but patriotism was high and there was opposition to foreign occupation (leaders like Sultan Basha Alatrash, Ibrahim Hanano, Hassan Alkharat , Mustafa Alkhalili and Saleh Al ali). After French occupation many Syrian tribe leaders were also executed because of their opposition to the division of Syria into three states. Syria occupies a strategic location in the Middle East. It is considered the cradle of civilization which goes back the Bronze age because of its fertile land. It is a heterogeneous society with majority Arabs and a multi linguistic: Arabic, Armenian, French, Kurdish and Assyrian and Aramaic the oldest language of Jesus Christ still spoken in Syria in small villages like Maalloula, Jabaadin and Bakhaa and many other areas of Christian dominated areas. Syria was at the receiving end throughout history and suffered the most at the hand of Ottoman and Persian influences specially during the Abbasid Era.

Syrian people resisted division, defeated many plots to further divided and fought French occupation till they gained independence in 1946,when new Syria was born and people tried to compensate for the loss and built up a state with equality to all citizens of different ethnicities and faiths. Syria witnessed repeated coups till president Hafez Alassad era where security and stability were established for decades despite the turbulent region. With USA now at the helm of global power, Syria is like many other Arab states are subjected to a new US plan to further divide the Arab world including Syria on ethnic and religious lines. It is an anarchy which USA is aiming at the Arab world.
Turkey angle.

There is resentment among a large section of sympathizers with Syria who feel that Ankara is playing a dangerous card by helping opposition to topple Assad’s regime. The fall out of such a game plan will leave a deep impact on Turkish future.
Iraq and USA One of the main reasons for USA to support the opposition against Assad is because Washington plans to keep permanent military bases in Iraq and retain American marines there and wanted Damascus to help in facilitating its plan, especially in view of Iran Syria nexus and close relation with Maliki government in Iraq, which will be a catastrophe for USA if Syria retaliates but the American move against Syria till now seems to be correcting Assad’s regime stand to toe the American line .

Lebanon: the security spine of Syria
The historic tie between one nation in two independent states is so strongly bonded and difficult to separate. Syria always considers Lebanon as its spine and any disturbance in either country will affect the other in equal terms. The support to the Lebanese national resistance against Israel occupation of south Lebanon was a known fact and continued till date since parts of Lebanon are still occupied by Israel and Hezbullah party was able to defeat Israel during its war on Lebanon in 2006 and emerged stronger with popular support among the Arab mass and Iran a close ally.USA and Israel never accepted the bitterness of this defeat despite the massive assault and destruction of a large part of Lebanon by Israel military might and since then Israel is planning an attack to eliminate the resistance forces and this time the war will be on Syria and Lebanon together, particularly when reports are revealing that Israel is planning to attack Iranian nuclear installation this year.

Jordan and GCC
For the Kingdom of Jordan it was a stern warning when the Salafists were trying to establish an emirate at Syrian southern Deraa city close to its border and it sent a special to Damascus expressing its support to Syrian government and adhering of the policy of non interference in Syrian affairs and in fact collaborated with Syria to prevent arm smuggling to the perpetrators. The fear of Islamists taking over in Syria will have its ramification on Jordan and hence it is a common threat.

The USA and the west supported by Israeli lobby are trying to destabilize the Arab world and sliding it into anarchy and extremism which suits their plan to disintegrate the region. Syria is no exception and the media war on Syria declared by these forces, supporting rebellion to replicate Benghazi but failed till now because of the Syrian peoples unity and solidarity with their president, beside the support of friendly countries like Russia, India and China. It is a matter of pride for Syrians not to allow foreigners to interfere in its affairs, seeing what happen to Iraq occupation, blood spilled in the streets of Libya due to the more than 16000 sorties by NATO forces till date that have killed more than a 1400 civilians and left hundreds of them injured without access to medicines. Yemen and US interference for long led to this culmination and threat to its integrity, Sudan’s partition into South and North, East and West remains to be seen, and there is uncertainty in Egypt and Tunisia. All these are encouraging factor for Syrians to remain united and face the might of the ailing west and falling US empire. These immoral and sick nations, instead of tackling their own domestic affairs, are creating wars elsewhere to avoid the turmoil at home, propagating and preaching us democratic values and human rights while riding on these issues to achieve their goals and keep this region as their fat cow. Nations will triumph and defeat external plots although they can destroy, kills and damage but nations will survive. When American special envoy Philip Habib met late president Hafez Al Assad, during the American attack on Lebanon he warned him that America is next door and will attack Syria if he does not bow to the American dictates, President Assad told him colonists come and go but we the nation remains. To conclude as we have a saying in Arabic this cub (Bashar) is from that lion (Assad).

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